The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and with the current global situation these changes have been even more notorious. We were living in a very fast paced market, but, how is it really this situation going to impact the fashion industry?


Learn about fashion evolution, from styling basics to trends, and how the industry will work from now on, in our SETA Webinars. We will count with the expertise of Natalia Aristizábal, Tiffany Azmouz, and Diana Yanes to enlighten us with the latest fashion industry changes. Prepare your brand and keep posted on everything that will guide you to success in this new era. 


The participation on any of our SETA Webinars grants you a Private Virtual Fitting session with $50 OFF any purchase of $250 or more.





September 22 | 6PM COL / 7PM US

Irma Martínez is a born entrepreneur who turned her passion for fashion into a successful business concept while building the image of many of the most influential Latinos in the Hispanic industry.

Recursive and always seeking to break schemes, she took the risk of inventing new codes of visual communication between stars and their fans, leaving her mark on the most-watched programs on Hispanic TV, on the renowned album and magazine covers, and has contributed to giving more visibility to the most important celebrities. We invite you to learn about fashion, style tools, and concepts from herself.

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SETA x Juliana Hernandez


Saturday, August 22th at 3PM COL / 4PM USA


Juliana Hernandez is a Colombian fashion artist and illustrator, with a degree in industrial engineering and while working as an engineer in a hospital she went through a personal crisis that led her to seek her life purpose. She also has a degree in image consultancy and fashion communication, but it is finally in fashion illustration where she found herself. She decided to study fashion illustration at Salle College in Bogotá, and later she certified in Painting Fashion with Kerries Hess, an Australian fashion artist with international recognition. She is a Winsor & Newton ambassador for Colombia, has worked with international fashion brands such as STEVE MADDEN, and national brands such as SP PRO, has painted influential people in the world of Colombian fashion and her customers range from New York and Florida to Madrid and Paris. His surreal paintings speak of fashionable girls, full of self-love and empowered, women who at some point in their life lost their identity, but today they shine with their own light. She loves working with charcoal, markers, acrylics, even makeup. She has a great affinity for markers and their versatility in sketching and texturing. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best illustrators in the fashion industry.

SETA x Daniela Gil

English Session


Saturday, August 8th at 12:00pm

Daniela Gil is Colombian Fashion Stylist and Creative Producer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She has strong communication skills, especially in articulating new designs and products. She is capable to manipulate various fashion techniques, including mixing different fabrics, colors, and textures. She works with fashion magazines, commercial brands and private clients. She loves to discover new designers but the thing she loves the most is to discover vintage treasures. Daniela will take us behind the scenes of fashion editorials and is going to share with us what she thinks about finding a personal style. 

SETA x Diana Yanes

Creative Process

Spanish Session


Saturday, July 11th at 12:00pm

Diana Yanes, a multidisciplinary designer working mainly in the footwear industry. Founder, CEO and designer at Diana Yanes Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in design, product innovation and sustainability. Currently based in Milan, Diana, with her firm manages up to 20 collections per year with companies from all around the world.


Diana is also very involved in social responsibility programs that aim at teaching valuable work skills to disadvantaged communities, such as detainees and teenage moms. Said involvement in sustainability, has the objective of evening the playing field within different parts of the world.

SETA x Natalia Aristizábal

Styling 101

Spanish Session

Thursday, July 2nd at 7:00pm

Image consultant and personal shopper. Passionate about details, image and women empowerment. Improving their image, their appearance, behavior and communication through their attitude and clothing. Understanding that the image is not only the garments, it is the way in which we transmit our security through them.

SETA x Tiffany Azmouz

The Future of the Fashion and Retail Industry

English Session


Saturday, June 27th at 5:00pm

Tiffany Azmouz is a stylist and image consultant based out of New York City.  

She understands the power of self-image and works with her clients to help them send a clear message of their individuality through her guidance and stylistic choices.

She works with private clients, fashion brands and personalities. She believes in exploring and enhancing personal style, and enjoys every step of the journey.


Tiffany Azmouz will take us into new consumer mentality and industry ideas that will shape-up the future of the fashion industry. She will also share her thoughts on reinventing the styling career for the 'new normal'.